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What a wonderful and powerful time of being able to reach so many through internet radio and how God has allowed us to have a voice in almost every nation. Talking with some of todays leading ministries and humanitarian groups from around the world.

We need your help to keep this ministry moving, in so many great ways. Offering free broadcasting for so many different ministries and groups to give them a voice to share what God has called them to.

Sharing some of todays great praise and worship music from some of todays most anointed leaders.

Will you partner with us at this critical time.

We appreciate you listening and being apart of what God is doing here at Missions Radio.

God Bless,

Kenneth D. Mitchell

Monthly Briefing with The American Center For Law and Justice with Matthew Clark


Matthew Clark, the senior counsel for the ACLJ gives us a powerful briefing on Bengahzi, the new Government Accountability Project they have just began and also we talk about the genocide of Christians happening around the world and how they are playing a major role to see an end to this through the UN and other governments. A powerful briefing

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