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Fathering 101-Be The Dad God Wants You To Be “Session 4- Be The Dad..Who Prays” with Pastor Carlos Zazueta



A wonderful time today during Session 4 of Being The Dad--Who Prays, as we talk with Pastor Carlos Zazueta of Stonebriar Community Church

– Be the Dad…who Prays


  • is the reflection of trust in and obedience to the Lord.
  • is the most powerful and comprehensive tool in your ‘dad kit’.
  • is to be a continual and daily state of mind; starting early and ending before sleep.
  • allows you to daily cover your family with Jesus’ blood and the whole armor of God.
  • is a response to the Spirit who prompts you on what to pray for; who in turn prays this to the Son, who intercedes for us to the Father.


  • may be spontaneous depending on the circumstances being presented.


  • is not to be rote, but reflective of your relationship to the Lord.


  • involves claiming God’s promises for your family. Read and know the word.


  • allows you to confess and repent of what the Spirit reveals to you.


  • is never too short or too long.


  • reflects your role as high priest of your family and directs them to the Father.


  • should involve all of your family at times and individually as the need presents itself.


  • requires waiting most of the time, building faith and dependence.


Pray expectantly!

Fathering 101 “Be The Dad God Wants You To Be” Session 2 “Be The Dad Who..Understands His Role” with Rev. Tony Suarez


Rev. Tony Suarez joins Greg Vaughn and I on Session 2 of Be The Dad, as we discuss Be The Dad who Understands His Role..In the family, in the community and in the church.

to be the leader of the home, as God has ordained and directed fathers and husbands to be. Yet, to do so with mercy and grace, just as our heavenly Father leads and guides us through this life.

Rev. Tony Suarez is the Executive Vice President of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference and has three wonderful children of his own, that he raises as a single father after the passing of his wife back in 2016. Tony gives a powerful testimony of how God has given him the strength and the grace to become the Dad that God wants him to be and understanding that role, to its fullest capacity.




Fathering 101 “Be The Dad God Wants You To Be” Session 1 “Be The Dad Who..Abides with Pastor Jaime Gonzales


Be the Dad...who Abides

In this first we will be discussing the critical differences and consequences between an "absent" and an "abiding" Dad. Also, during the interview you will hear the personal testimony of Pastor Jaime Gonzales of Christ Fellowship Church in Mckinney. These sessions will be Co-Hosted by Greg Vaughn, the Founder/President of Grace Products and Ministries. Please share with others to help encourage them in their journey of being a Dad who abides..


"Fatherlessness" is a big problem in our communities. Over 25% of all children in the US live in a home with no father. Even when there is a Dad in the home he is often "absent", not fulfilling the role God has called him to be. The results are devastating to the family, the church and society.