Here’s The Deal with Larry Tomczak ” The Collapse of Comedy in America is No Joking Matter”

March 27, 2017

“The devil pulls the strings which makes us dance;

       he finds delight in the most loathsome things;

       some furtherance of Hell each new day brings,

       and yet we feel no horror in that rank advance.”

-  Charles Baudelaire, French poet

Growing up, did you enjoy humor and laughter, especially as you watched TV shows with your favorite characters? Andy, Barney and Opie…Wally and the “Beav”…Lucy, Ricky, Fred and Ethel…Rob and Laura Petrie…Jed, Granny and Mr. Drysdale…


God ordained comedy.  “Joy is the serious business of heaven,” wrote C.S. Lewis. Scripture reveals that Jesus was actually the happiest person who ever lived!  The Father anointed Him “…with the oil of gladness more than Your companions” (Heb. 1:9).


   Tragically, Comedy Has Slid Into the Sewer

Here’s The Deal with Larry Tomczak “Madness Multiplies as Mom and Son Change Gender Together”

March 22, 2017


The Bible explicitly states the following: "A woman must not wear a man's clothing, nor is a man to put on a woman's clothing. For all that do so are abominations to the Lord your God" (Deut. 22:5).

Scripture also states unequivocally that God created men and women and made no mistakes in the process. "You brought my inner parts into being; You wove me in my mother's womb. I will praise You, for You made me with fear and wonder; marvelous are Your works, and You know me completely" (Ps. 139:13-14).

Finally, divine revelation records that those who reject God's design "became futile in their imaginations, and their foolish hearts were darkened. Claiming to be wise, they became fools" (Rom.1:21b-22a).

It is with great sadness that I bring this commentary which underscores how far off the track we've gone, particularly in the area of sexuality, marriage and gender identity. Denying and diminishing God's creative masterpiece, people are re-creating themselves in increasingly bizarre ways.


March 14, 2017

Read Linda Seiler testimony at


For the past decade, I have been addressing LGBTQ issues along with my longtime friend Dr. Michael Brown. On my part, I did a video called “10 Things Everyone Needs to Know About Being Gay” and wrote two books entitled Here’s the Deal and Bullseye. Our passion is to see people transformed by the gospel as the lovely lady cited in this article was.

Our efforts have become more pronounced in recent years because of the acceleration of the LGBTQ agenda and the cultural drift from our Judeo-Christian foundations. We are experiencing massive deception that Jesus highlighted in Matthew 24 as the primary sign prior to His return.

Nowhere is this more prominent than in the area of sexuality, marriage and gender identity. We are in the “ball of confusion” once sung about by Motown’s “Temptations.” Obama’s illegitimate edict pushing public schools to open restrooms, showers and changing areas to gender-confused students brought this to the forefront.

Here’s The Deal with Larry Tomczak “1000 Intercessors Offer 10 Major Prophetic Insights About What God’s Doing in America Right Now

March 7, 2017

Revered international evangelist Dr. Billy Graham is 98 and still maintains that the "best preacher in the family" is his beautiful daughter, Anne Graham Lotz. As the chairwoman of this year's "National Day of Prayer" on May 4, she took time to unite with over 1000 intercessors on a nationwide prayer call sponsored by Intercessors for America ministry.

I had the honor of being a part of this significant time the day after returning from the 29th Roundtable hosted by Rick Joyner, prophetic leader in the body of Christ. This annual gathering of senior leaders convenes to "hear what the Spirit says to the churches" (Rev.2:29b), as well as build our bonds of friendship.

"What happened?" "What was God saying?" "What do we need to know to keep step with the Spirit?" people ask.

Here are 10 significant points I gleaned from these two important events. 

Fifty Shades Darker and an open letter to Taylor Swift

February 15, 2017

Dear Taylor,

When I moved to the Nashville area a decade ago with my wife, you were here launching a musical career that has brought you fame and fortune throughout the world. I, like millions, admired your God-given talent and tenacity as we applauded your affectionate title as “America’s Sweetheart.”

Raising two daughters and now having two granddaughters, your wholesome public image, non-provocative swimsuits and polite manner made you a most appreciated and highly esteemed role model in a society where so few exist in the entertainment industry. Being one of the most followed personalities on social media, you acknowledged your “responsibility” to be conscious of your influence on young fans.

As we watched another Nashvillian, Miley Cyrus, depart from her Disney persona to a scandal-seeking, sex-obsessed, weed-promoting performer, you were the one we could turn to as you engaged in friendly interaction with fans, especially young girls. Your cute smile plus surprise visits to sick and disadvantaged adolescents won us over to what we hoped would make us longtime devotees.


February 7, 2017

There is a masterpiece of a movie in theaters now. It’s nominated for multiple Oscars including “Best Picture”; has no nudity, sensuality, violence or profanity (some cussing); a PG true story; and, even features people unashamedly praying in the Name of Jesus and declaring, “Thank you Jesus!”

The entire story revolves around three women of character working silently behind the scenes against resistance and shameful opposition. Yet instead of rage-filled protests, they demonstrated grace, humility and patience to bring about change.

In this season of Trump-hating vitriol and angry marches, it’s inspiring and refreshing to be reminded that there is a God-given pathway to progress. The film, “Hidden Figures,” is a tour-de-force that deserves our support.

I wish I could reassure readers that the current swelling “resistance movement” will subside but it won’t. Nasty, vulgar women, subsidized anarchists and lawless legislators are only the beginning. The propagandist media complies as evidenced by their narrative on “airport chaos” when Chief of Staff Reince Priebus said on Sunday’s “Meet the Press” (1/29/17) that only 109 foreigners from select Muslim countries were delayed briefly for questioning out of 325,000 in one day!


January 24, 2017


Oftentimes people inquire about who will be at a particular event. This determines if they’ll show.

Whether it’s a party, pastor’s luncheon or citywide event, we gauge the importance of a gathering by who’ll be present. Just common sense, right? Star power affects attendance.

What about if the entire focus of a function was not on a celebrity but someone unseen, unattractive and unwanted? Add to the equation this individual is the target of an insidious Satanic scheme to snuff out his very life?

We’ve probably got better things to do.  After all, what difference does one person really make?

The Power of One

This Friday a momentous event takes place in our Nation’s Capital.

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Here’s The Deal with Larry Tomczak “How to Grade Obama’s Presidency in 10 Minutes or Less”

January 17, 2017

U.S. President Barack Obama claps after giving a farewell address at McCormick Place in Chicago
U.S. President Barack Obama claps after giving a farewell address at McCormick Place in Chicago. (REUTERS/John Gress)

"Reach for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land in the stars!"

These words appear on a sign outside a nearby elementary school. They apply to President Obama's presidency as he departs.

To be respectful, objective and thorough in evaluating eight years of Obama in office, this commentary is a little lengthier since a breezy, superficial treatment doesn't serve us or Mr. Obama well. Let's begin.

Barack Obama believes his presidency has been a success. Speaking recently before a sea of "standing o" supporters in Chicago, he beamed as he rehearsed what he views as his landmark achievements: Iran accord; recession "recovery"; outreach to Cuba; Bin Laden capture; ObamaCare; and, "unleashing the longest stretch of job creation in our history."

He used his rhetorical skills to also highlight climate change advances; "race relations better than they were 10, 20 or 30 years ago;" and "healthcare costs rising at the slowest rate in 50 years."

His farewell address was longer than that of Reagan, Clinton and G.W. Bush combined. He referenced himself 75 times. He tearfully concluded, assuring us that "America is a better, stronger place" igniting the throngs to shout along with him, "Yes we can! Yes we did! Yes we can!"

Here’s The Deal with Larry Tomczak “5 Burning Questions To Discover Your Destiny in 2017″

January 2, 2017

Finding and fulfilling your God-given destiny is not a matter of chance but choice. You have to make quality decisions on a consistent basis to enter into the unique plan of God for your life.

Fulfilling your destiny is not automatic but begins when you're rooted in the reality that God has a custom-designed destiny for your life. "Your eyes saw me uninformed, yet in your book all my days were written, before any of them came into being (Ps. 139:16).


Here’s The Deal with Larry Tomczak “This is Our Week to Share Jesus! > Seize It!

December 19, 2016

"The Son of God became
     man to enable men to
    become the sons of God."
                            C.S. Lewis

Amidst the sentimental and somewhat silly mixture of "Santa," "Rudolph," and "Frosty" songs we'll encounter this busy week before Christmas, how many of us will take advantage of this season to simply tell people about Jesus? There really is no better time during the course of the entire year to do it!


December 18, 2016

“Drug addiction has become virtually an epidemic in cities

and towns, rural and urban, across America.”

    Franklin Graham, Decision Magazine Dec. 2016

After the tumultuous election, actor Tommy Chong consoled himself by celebrating Californians’ vote to legalize marijuana for recreational use. “Thank God pot is legal now, so we have something that can get us through the next four years!”

Amidst the startling Trump upset, multitudes missed the advancement of marijuana legalization in America. Now residents in Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Colorado, Massachusetts, Maine and D.C. can all get blasted! Additionally, Arkansas, Florida and North Dakota approved “medical marijuana”, usually the first step towards legalizing weed for recreational use.

Here’s The Deal with Larry Tomczak “The 5 Most Thrilling Takeaways From Tuesday’s Election Night”

November 14, 2016

Kneeling bedside at 2 a.m. after election results were in, I tearfully thanked God and gave Him the glory for what just happened. The final text I received said it poignantly: "It feels like the thawing in Narnia when springtime returned." 

Indulge me for a moment to describe it in dramatic yet honest terms. I, like multitudes, was euphoric and found sleep extremely challenging! May this unprecedented event remain aglow on the photographic plate of our minds to encourage us for years to come. 

We literally witnessed a modern day political miracle. This was, without question, an astonishing once-in-a-lifetime occurrence. I still have to pinch myself that I'm not dreaming! 

"Whoa, Larry! Aren't you getting a bit carried away?" 

Not at all! And in case you retired early or decided to avoid the evening's developments for whatever the reason, allow me to highlight five aspects of Nov. 8, 2016, that will forever remain in the annals of political history as absolutely phenomenal. 

Here’s The Deal with Larry Tomczak “45 WAYS YOUR LIFE IMPROVES WITH TRUMP AS OUR 45th PRESIDENTn”

November 7, 2016

"And now, the end is near

And so I face the final curtain

My friend, I'll say it clear

I'll state my case, of which I'm certain."


So sang Frank Sinatra in his classic song, "My Way." Closing arguments were submitted then came the verdict.


This is where America is at as the end is near for Election 2016.


CBS News said, "82% of Americans are disgusted with the presidential campaign." I opine the political situation is the result of the reckoning of eight years of incompetent, deceptive and uncooperative leadership that has brought us to a breaking point and this epochal moment.

I offer the following, fully aware that Trump's "Make America Great Again," pro-growth, reform agenda is laden with his glaring personal flaws. But as the Wall Street Journal stated in their editorial Saturday (11/5/16), "The case for Donald Trump is political disruption. A broken Washington needs to be shaken up and refocused on the public good, and who better to do it than an outsider beholden to neither political party?"


Here’s The Deal with Larry Tomczak “5 Duties of Christian Citizens Before the Election”

October 29, 2016

So where are we at this juncture in the road? No matter how distasteful the process has been, every Christian must help foster a turnaround before it's too late.

Here’s The Deal with Larry Tomczak “Surprise! USA TODAY’s 10 Trump Disqualifiers, Disqualify Hillary!

October 3, 2016

Recently USA TODAY did something they've never done in their 34 year history. Their Editorial Board never took sides in a presidential race till now.  You'll never guess who they're supporting!

While they're not officially endorsing Hillary for the presidency, they list 10 reasons why Donald is "unfit for the presidency." Their editorial ends, "By all means vote, just not for Donald Trump."

While President Obama's hometown Chicago Tribune endorsed Gary Johnson for president, this "unbiased," free in the motels publication presents readers with detailed arguments why we shouldn't support the Republican candidate. Ten reasons were given to disqualify the Republican candidate for president selected by the largest number of Americans ever to vote in a Republican primary in history.

My wife believes this is another attempt to demoralize and discourage people from registering to vote since it's a"done deal" Hillary will win. Right?

Not so fast.

Proverbs 18:17 (Amp.) warns, "He who states his case first seems right, until his rival comes and cross-examines him." Examine their reasons to dump Trump. Some criticisms are valid. He has major flaws and truly is a work in progress! But should their same points apply to Clinton? 


September 5, 2016

“Hell’s Hottest Place is Reserved for Whom?”

Without any Jeopardy music in the background, how would you answer the above question? Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. gave this thought-provoking response during his ministry.

“The hottest place in hell is reserved for those who remain neutral in times of great moral conflict.”

Pastor Martin used the literary device, hyperbole, (from the Greek word meaning “over-casting”) to emphasize a point for a grander effect. In other words, he wanted to jolt people and awaken them to action.

The reason we initiated the 30 day Bullseye Challenge was to provide pastors, youth leaders, educators and parents with a resource to equip them and those they influence become informed influencers in today’s turbulent times. People who invest 15 minutes for 30 days viewing immediately accessible, free videos with an easy-to-read book will learn a scriptural worldview on the 30 hot button issues of today.

Here’s The Deal with Larry Tomczak “10 Keys to Successfully Parent Teens Through Hollywood’s Filth Flood”

August 29, 2016

In the 1500s, reformer Martin Luther gave us this warning: "I am much afraid that schools will prove to be the great gates of hell unless they diligently labor in explaining the holy Scriptures, engraving them in the hearts of youth."

Let's face it, those days are long gone. Morals are not only airbrushed out of schools but also society as a whole. Today, it's not just the absence of the positive, but it's the presence of the negative.

Young people carefully monitored in homeschooling and Christian schools aren't exempt. All our youth face ungodly peer pressure and cultural inducements unprecedented in history. Even those in more "protective" Christian environments still face the onslaught of Hollywood hedonism flooding pop culture via television, movies, music and the internet.


August 22, 2016

Scores of people don’t know that in 1998 Bill Clinton was impeached by the House of Representatives and lost his law license for five years when he was President. Also, multitudes don’t know that Hillary is not the first female presidential candidate in U.S. history.

Actually, over 200 women  have sought the presidency, one being a black woman, Shirley Chisholm, who ran 44 years ago!

Yet, of whom was it said, “She lied, conned, cheated, and fought to be a self-made millionaire?”

Actually it wasn’t Mrs. Clinton! Detractors said this about the first woman to pursue the presidency, Victoria Woodhull, over 144 years ago! The precedent-shattering, historic first was notched in 1872.

Here’s The Deal with Larry Tomczak “What’s wrong with America and what will fix it?”"

August 17, 2016

Larry and I discuss where we are as a nation, what are some of the reasons we are "Broke" and what are the answers or answer. Hope you enjoy and please share with others. 

Heres The Deal with Larry Tomczak “Crafty Author Rachel Held Evans Demands Pro-Lifers Vote Hillary”

August 11, 2016

I do not know Rachel Held Evans, a 35-year-old Episcopalian, "progressive" and"polarizing" columnist who lives not far from me in our Volunteer State of Tennessee. I do know she influences Millennials through blogs, conferences and her book A Year of Biblical Womanhood.

Because of her recent column advocating pro-life people back Hillary Clinton for President, I eagerly volunteer to counter her crafty presentation misleading the unsuspecting. She also argues for LGBTQ involvement in church leadership and other controversial issues, but we'll leave those for another time.

Andrew Walker, Director of Policy Studies for the Southern Baptist Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission stated, "What she offers (searching Millennials) as an answer is unbiblical and theologically dangerous."

What she offers us pro-life stalwarts is an appeal to vote for a staunch, unapologetic, rabid, pro-abortionist Hillary Clinton. It strains credulity and demands refutation.

Here’s The Deal with Larry Tomczak “10 Things Hillary’s Election Would Bring to America”

August 1, 2016

After Reverend Billy Graham, one of the Christian leaders most admired by Americans is Dr. James Dobson. With Billy Graham relatively quiet as he approaches 100, Time magazine called Dobson "the nations most influential evangelical leader."

I had the distinct privilege of conversing with Jim and Shirley, his beautiful wife of 55 years, at a recent gathering of over 1000 evangelical leaders in New York. Speaking charitably but forthrightly, he shares his strong opposition to Hillary Clinton ruling for eight years which "scares me to death."  He's said publicly, "The very thought of that haunts my nights and days." [Hyper. Time]

You may strongly disagree. You may also reject any notion of viewing the highly successful documentary currently in theaters shedding light on this topic, "Hillary's America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party" (I've seen it twice and will go again!).

Here’s The Deal with Larry Tomczak “Encouragement from a baseball Hall of Famer

July 26, 2016

I don't know about you, but the constant barrage of negativity and gloomy reports in the news tends to beat me down. Polls show only a paltry 21% of American voters believe we're headed in the right direction.

Terrorism, polarization, deception, economic stagnation, political corruption, racial agitation and ongoing moral deterioration are widespread and escalating. Let's be honest, things are not getting better no matter what our President tells us.

Now don't check out just yet. There is some good news!

"Spiritual Awakening Happening Now!"

"Revival Breaking Out in America!"

"America Is Turning Back to God!"

"Gathering Reveals USA in Midst of Major Move of God!"

News headlines, blog declarations and sermon titles like these excite my soul. Yet how many times have I closed my eyes and whispered a Nehemiah-like "shoot 'em up" prayer (Neh. 2:4), "Lord, please may this be true not just wishful thinking that isn't rooted in reality."

Heres The Deal with Larry Tomczak “10 Questions you may want to ask your father, this Father’s Day”

June 13, 2016
Scripture tells us to "honor our father and our mother." The reward is twofold: that you will live long on the earth and that things will go well with you. In a culture where so many of God's standards are being dismantled and dishonored, let's be challenged in a way that will not only honor God but our earthly dads! Here's 10 practical suggestions to make this day special on Sunday!

Heres The Deal with Larry Tomczak 3 Options We Have to Stand Against Obama’s Dictatorial Order

May 17, 2016

In the aftermath of Obama's directive for public schools to allow transgender students access to any bathrooms and showers they wish or risk loss of federal funding, multitudes are asking, "How should we respond?"

Larry Tomczak is a cultural commentator of 43 yrs, Liberty Counsel public policy adviser, Intercessors for America board member and best-selling author. His new, innovative video/book, BULLSEYE, develops informed influencers in 30 days (see Click (here) for his "Here's the Deal" weekly podcast.

Heres The Deal with Larry Tomczak 4_4 12 Encouraging Updates

April 4, 2016

 Dozen Encouraging Reports to Encourage You Today. 

Trump "YUGE" discord with Cruz and G.O.P... North Carolina/Georgia Governor's capitulate on religious freedom...Hillary
continues unscathed on emails and Benghazi...Transgender bathrooms-LGBTQ's new frontier...Jihadist attacks becoming new normal… and the beat goes on.

If you're like me, you feel the torrent of negative news a bit overwhelming at times. We want to be optimists, not pessimists, but we must also be realists. It's not a pretty picture today.

To counter the avalanche of depressing news that seems almost nonstop, let's survey the scene to encourage ourselves in the Lord by highlighting some encouraging developments. 

Remembering Our Calling as Faithful Messengers

In 1899 an article based on a true story of heroism, "A Message to Garcia", took the world by storm. In 15 years over 40 million copies were circulating, unprecedented for that time.

During the Spanish American War, President McKinley had to secure cooperation of a General Garcia, leader of revolutionary forces in Cuba. A Lieutenant Rowan was commissioned to undertake alone and unguarded the top-secret, dangerous mission of delivering a sealed letter to Garcia. 

Traversing hostile jungle territory with gunfire, poisonous snakes and man-eating crocodiles, this courageous messenger completed his task within three weeks. His bravery helped the United States win the war plus gain Cuba, the Philippines, Puerto Rico and Guam. He was decorated for his extraordinary achievement in risking his life for his country.

In the author's tribute to this remarkable public servant he said the following: "Anything
such a man asks shall be granted. He is wanted in every city, town and village – in every office, shop, store and factory. The world cries out for such: he is needed and needed badly – the man who can CARRY A MESSAGE TO GARCIA."

Amidst our serious cultural decline, God is looking for dependable and dedicated messengers who will carry his truth to confused masses no matter what the cost. But we've got to stay encouraged "while we do not look at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen. For the things which are seen are temporary, but the things which are not seen are eternal"(2 Cor. 4:18).

12  Encouraging Developments

As a 40year board member of Intercessors for America ministry, I try to remain current on prayer developments. Here are just a handful to encourage you as His messenger and holy ambassador. 

1. Our monthly First Friday national prayer call brings together prayer "warriors" from throughout America for a 30 minute prayer time with a theme, prominent leader and segments of unmuted, collective, fiery intercession! Last week featured Lou Engle and 5-600 intercessors. You have to experience it to understand this crescendo of cries to heaven!

2. At a recent Roundtable summit with Rick Joyner, Mike Bickle shared about "Houses of Prayer" with ongoing prayer and worship 24/7 exploding globally. In the past decade alone, they've gone from approximately 20 to over 10,000 worldwide!

3. This May's National Day of Prayer is expected to be the largest in US history with over 49,000 gatherings nationwide. 
John Bornschein, Vice Chairman of their Task Force, says, "Over the last five years we charted a 226 percent increase in engagement – our largest growth in 25 years!"

4.David Butts, Chairman of America's National Prayer Committee, tells us, "There are more large prayer gatherings in 2016 then I've seen in 26 years of ministry!"

5. Last generation we had more of a disunited, somewhat competitive, denominational approach to prayer. Today we fill large venues, discard denominational labels and actually sing most of the same worship songs in both large prayer events and our local churches. 

6. Serving on the Executive Committee for UnitedCryDC16, 
we expect upwards to 30,000 leaders, intercessors and consecrated Christians this April 9 on the Lincoln Memorial grounds for a solemn assembly. 
With our nation in crisis, we gather for seven hours of repentance, exhortation, prayer for awakening, and challenge to return courageous in addressing the controversial issues of our day. We invite everyone to join in this historic experience.

This is not an outreach, worship experience, political event or one day rally but a movement of men and women of God who take 2 Chronicles 7:14 seriously, "If My people, who are called by My name, will humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and will heal their land."

7. On the West Coast on the exact same day (totally unplanned!), "Azusa Now"  takes place at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. Tens of thousands of young and old will gather under the leadership of my 35year friends, Lou Engle and Mike Bickle, for over 12 hours of worship and prayer. 

This culminates 10 days of fasting and prayer prior to the event. The reason? The original Azuza Street revival began with a nucleus who came to L.A. and started a 10 day fast that precipitated the greatest outpouring since Pentecost. Over a century ago, pioneer William Seymour prophesied in about 100 years another greater revival would come!

Go and participate in this history-making experience!

Additional Encouraging Reports

8. A little over a year ago, the blockbuster film, "God's Not Dead" inspired people of faith and served notice to secularists that God is alive and well and on the move in America.

This past weekend, "God's Not Dead 2"was launched to large crowds and positive reviews once again. It looks like the trajectory is upwards once again! This one brings a sober warning to people of faith and  I highly recommend it for everyone concerned about religious freedom today.

9. People are hungry for God and biblical truth as evidenced by two massive gatherings in Georgia and Texas. Last weekend over 7000 Christians convened in Atlanta for a fantastic "Stand Up for Their Faith"event. This follows Greg Laurie's  "Harvest America" event at AT&T Stadium where over 82,000 participants were present! Over 6000 conversions were recorded while hundreds of thousands more engaged on the Internet TV and radio!

10. Author David Garrison declares in his book, "A Wind in the House of Islam," that "We are living in the midst of the greatest turning of Muslims to Christ in history."The book is the result of 2 1/2 years of research and involved traveling more than 250,000 miles to conduct interviews with more than 1000 people around the Muslim world.

"In total he found 69 movements that had started in the first 12 years of the 21st-century, in comparison with virtually no voluntary movements of converts to Christianity in the first 12 centuries of Islam." [Insert here Christianity today hyperlink]

Finally, we can be greatly encouraged as we consider two additional developments today. 

11. Franklin Graham continues to cross the United States in his "Decision America"tour, stopping at every state capital to fearlessly declare prophetic encouragement and sober warning to assembled crowds. He challenges believers to not only repent and pray but to engage in Christian activism to see America turn back to God. 

12. The innovative 15 min/30 day Bullseye Challenge initiative has been launched across America equipping us to understand and communicate confidently a biblical worldview on 30 hot button issues today like illegal immigration, radical Islam, transgenderism, abortion, gay marriage, income inequality, climate change and cohabitation. 

Endorsed by America's top senior leaders, it is a resource for pastors, parents, educators, youth leaders and patriotic citizens. 30 immediately accessible, compelling three-minute videos accompany the easy-to-read chapters changing lives. [Insert contact]

We are all called  to be faithful messengers in this challenging time of history. This weekend is my wife and my 40th wedding anniversary but considering the condition of America we will not be sunning in Bermuda but praying in DC for awakening in America!

Let's realize the negatives surrounding us today but remember the encouraging reports of God's supernatural activity to keep us "strong in the Lord and in the power of His might" ( Eph. 6:10).

Here’s The Deal with Larry Tomczak “20 Point Quiz on Obama Presidency - Pass or Fail?”

January 4, 2016
2500 days ago expectations ran high as the Obama presidency began. Hailed as an epochal event, the nation's first black Commander-in-chief launched his "fundamental transformation of America."

We are at this precipice now. We desperately need to pray and fast for righteous leaders to lead us out of the morass. We also need to realize how dangerously far we've strayed from our Judeo-Christian foundations under the presidency of Mr. Obama.


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Here’s The Deal with Larry Tomczack 12/28/15

December 29, 2015
Secret to Your 2016 Success Is Not a Secret!
As 2015 comes to a close, it's a great time for reflection and learning from errors, plus pursuing God for direction and fresh motivation going forward.

A primary component for success in the coming year is remembering the importance of perseverance. Jesus told us in the parable of the sower that it was only by perseverance that an individual reaps the desired harvest (Luke 8:15).