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Is There Not A Cause Briefing with Debi Tengler of Arrow Children and Family Ministries 3/1/2016

Another wonderful briefing with Arrow Child and Family Ministries with guest Andrea Requenes, the Regional Director for Arrow as we talk about special needs children and what that looks like in the foster care environment. Also, Please share this podcast with many, as we are trying to raise funds for a special helmet for a little guy, so named "K" this will help in so many ways..Thank You

Missions Radio Briefing of “Is There Not A Cause Briefing” with Debi Tingler of Arrow Ministries

Debi Tingler welcomes our Guest speaker for the program, Dr. Doug Stringer, speaker, pastor, author of "Who's Your Daddy Now" We continue discuss the ongoing crisis of foster and orphan care. Please visit Arrow at 
Visit Dr. Stringers site at 

Is There Not A Cause Briefing with Debi Tengler of Arrow Children and Family Ministries 2/16/2016

Guest Carolyn Bishop shares with us the importance of foster care and respite care for us as the family God and how we can be involved in a more proficient way. Please share with others and see if there are more that would benefit of knowing about the benefits and blessings of being that person who is helping to transform the lives of children around Texas and around our nation.

Missions Radio Interview with Shannon Forsythe of Run 2 Rescue


A Wonderful interview with Shannon Forsythe of the group contending and helping those who have been caught in sex-trafficking. Please take the time to listen and share with others..The more we share, the more will know, the more can change.  Thank You

Trafficking is modern day slavery.

Run 2 Rescue is a Christian
non-profit organization committed to
restoring victims of sex trafficking.

We reachrescue and restorevictims of sex trafficking, so if you have a missing friend or relative

Is There Not A Cause with Jason Carney of 2nd Milk


A wonderful interview with Jason Carney of 2nd MIlk

Providing formula for a baby provides life, hope and a future…

God’s vision for our ministry is simple.  Giving life to the most vulnerable around the world through formula and proper nutrition provides hope and a future.

When a baby loses its mother it shouldn’t keep them from experiencing the fullness of life.  2nd Milk comes alongside these families from birth to 2 years old providing formula, porridge, fruits and vegetables.

Is There Not A Cause Briefing with Shandra Carter of Arrow Children and Family Ministries 1/19/2016 on Sex Trafficking


Interview with Shandra Carter The Executive Director of Freedom Place, the home and program for girls that have been involved in sex trafficking and what we can do to help...Here is a story of one incident:

It was always the same message, and it was sent to more than 800 girls on social media, most often to those posting about fights with their parents or feeling isolated at school. “You’re pretty,” the message said. “You could make some money.” Many were intrigued, including a 17-year-old Fairfax County, Virginia girl, who responded and arranged a meeting. She soon found herself trapped in a car with members of a violent gang operating in the affluent suburbs. One of the men pulled her out of the car and raped her. When she resisted, he cut her with a knife. He then took her to an apartment building, where she was forced to have sex with more than a dozen men. When she was finally driven home early the next day, she was told if she said anything, they’d come back and kill her.

Update interview with Kimberly Smith of Make Way Partners

This is a powerful update interview with Make Way Partners as to the genocide that is happening in the South Sudan, every single day for the people of Nuba and many others.
WOULD YOU PLEASE HELP SHARE THIS AND MAKE MORE PEOPLE AWARE OF THIS HORRIFIC CRIME THAT IS HAPPENING LIKE NO OTHER PLACE IN THE WORLD. This groups helps take care of over 1500 children each day and help to rescue those involved in human trafficking ..PLEASE SHARE AND GET INVOLVED...PLEASE    

Is There Not A Cause Briefing with Debi Tengler of Arrow Children and Family Ministries 1/5/2016

A briefing, as we talk with Scott Lundy, the CEO of Arrow Children and Family Ministries. Sharing his story of why it all began, his life and how him and his wife went through the processing of adopting..Some of the challenges and more about the great successes in their lives. Then also some of the exciting programs and efforts for 2016. 
 Please share with others.

Weekly briefing of “Is There Not A Cause” with Debi Tengler of Arrow Children and family Ministries

Weekly discussion and briefing with Debi Tengler of Arrow Children and Family Ministries about Kinship with our guest Kari Dodson. Kinship Coordinator with Arrow. WE discuss the importance of trying to keep foster children with relatives and those they know to help secure a productive foundation.
Would you please SHARE and become a Social Media Advocate for the cause of the Orphan? 

Missions Radio Interview with Bruce Kendrick of Embrace Texas


Embrace's work is two-fold: providing services to at-risk, foster and adopted children and families in our local community and equipping new and existing church orphan care ministries across the country.  Our local efforts provide us with the experience and expertise to speak to other churches regarding what works and is needed.  It is never our goal to force our vision or the details of our programs into the context of other churches; however, there are some comparable components and philosophies true for every arena.  Below you'll find a broad overview of what Embrace Texas does on the ground locally as well as our work in ministry development nationally.  We believe we must multiply ministry in strategic partnerships with other churches in order to fully answer the biblical mandates to "take up the cause of the fatherless" (Isaiah 1:17).

Is There Not A Cause Briefing with Debi Tengler of Arrow Children and Family Ministries 12/8/15


Take a little time to listen with us as we talk about the ongoing aspects of foster care/ Orphans and this world wide cause. We talk with Debi Tengler of Arrow Children and Family Ministries about Kinship and the role of the family in foster care and the importance of what we do each and every day. 

Missions Radio Interview with Kimberly Smith of Make Way Partners


Serving over 1500 children each and every day in Sudan orphanages..Providing medical, food, clothing, shelter and education along with discipleship programs and so much more. All of this in a war torn nation, living through daily bombing and radical militants who work with the government in regards to slave labor and sex trafficking. These are unadoptable Orphans, they cannot leave the areas, the nation..They are stuck..This ministry needs all of our help..You can sponsor a child..Please take a look and consider this powerful need at 

What a truly wonderful and powerful interview, that we all must hear with Kimberly Smith, the Founder and President of Make Way Partners

Missions Radio Interview with Pastor Kile Bateman of PhasedIn Project

What is the Phased IN project?
Phased IN is a transitional living program for emancipated foster youth. The goal of Phased IN is to assist these young adults in learning basic life skills that will prepare them for independent living.  Phased IN will provide housing, education, medical care and life skills training through an 18 month program. With the combined partnership of the church, the community, and the State of Texas, Phased IN will embrace these youth who were never adopted to ensure that these young adults achieve self-sufficiency and stability. Finally, Phased IN will provide the most vital and missing dynamic in the lives of these young adults – Family.

Is there Not A Cause with Bill Blacquiere of Bethany Christian Services


Our Heart is for Children

Bethany Christian Services is a global nonprofit organization that brings families together and keeps families together. Strengthening families for the well-being of children is our top priority. Our services include adoption, foster care, and pregnancy counseling. We also provide counseling to families, assist refugees and immigrants resettling in the U.S., and partner with several international countries to help keep families together. The work we do equips families to be the answer for children in need—as Christ intended.

Is There Not A Cause Briefing with Debi Tengler of Arrow Children and Family Ministries


The weekly briefing covering the ongoing crisis of orphan care and adoption around the world, with a special focus of sex-trafficking and the different aspects and conditions of this horrible part of being left alone as an orphan on the streets, as we speak with Shandra Carter the Executive Director of Freedom Place. Please take a listen and share with others..You can make a difference, just by sharing. Thank You

Is There Not A Cause with Richard Baker of Serving Orphans Worldwide


The Church has always been involved in orphan care. Many organizations focused on building orphanages during the past thirty years. However, with the economic downturn of 2009, many homes struggled to survive as ongoing support declined rapidly.

That’s the crisis that sparked the beginning of Serving Orphans Worldwide in 2010. We realized that while we may not be able to bring every orphan into our homes, we can work diligently to better the homes where so many orphaned children are found today.

Interview with Alan Hunt of World Orphans on Missions Radio


We want to say a special "Thank You" to our sponsor Ivy League Realty for making these interviews happen, to help bring you a current report of the orphans around the world and the continued need of those suffering and dying around the world. This is a powerful interview with Alan Hunt the Chief Advocacy Director with World Orphans, as we discuss the ongoing crisis around the world.  Please Share with others....

Interview with Aaron Scofield of Child Bridge

We find and support foster and adoptive families for Montana children in need
Website Designed by Child Bridge © 2015 at Homestead™ Create a Website and List Your Business
Currently, there are approximately 2,700 children are in the Montana foster care system, and some of these children are available for adoption. Children who have been abused or neglected need a safe haven, whether it is temporary or permanent. With too few families to care for these children, they may be removed from familiar surroundings, and often bounce from place to place. And far too many adoptable children are languishing in the Montana foster care system without permanent families to care for them.

Interview with Janey Demeo of Orphans First on Missions Radio


What a great interview with Janey Demeo, the founder of Orphans First. This organization works with orphans and churches around the world, in various countries around the world. Please find out more about them at  You will be glad that you did. Please share this podcast with others and help make them aware of the orphan crisis around the world.

Thank You.

Is There Not A Cause? Briefing with Debi Tengler of Arrow


Briefing update with Debi Tengler of Arrow children and Family Ministries, with Special Guest, Scott Lundy CEO of Arrow. 

Interview with Ting Ministries on MIssions Radio

Brian and Stephanie Carpenter started Ting Ministries out of their compassion for the least of these-- the orphans with Special Needs. Each of their six adopted daughters has some physical disability. Now, they have begun to branch out to help the Aging Out orphans of Eastern Europe as well. 

Interview with Micah Melnick of Our Big House on Missions Radio


BigHouse is a Christ-centered non-profit ministry in Opelika, AL dedicated to meeting the needs and improving the quality of life of children in foster care.

Interview with Richard Greenly of Water 4 on



We help communities help themselves by training, equipping,
and supporting their own passion to thrive


Interview with Karensa Stephenson on Missions Radio


Missions Radio’s Tuesday Morning Briefing of the Orphan Crisis on “Is There Not A Cause”


With Guest Debi Tengler of Arrow Child and family Ministries 

Why does Foster Care even matter?

·         67% of those in human sex trafficking come from foster care

o   Over 100,000 children today in the US are involved in commercial sexual exploitation

·        72 % of those incarcerated were once in foster care

·         To transform society we can make a huge impact by taking care of those who are considered by many to be “throwaway” children

·         The  first institution created was the family, our hearts long for the unconditional love a family can bring

·         We can be the hope the world longs for by modeling the love of Christ right in our own home.

Interview with Debra Tengler of Arrow Child and Family Ministries


The services and programs of Arrow Child & Family Ministries impact over 4,000 children, teens and families each year. Since 1992, Arrow has been fighting the effects of child abuse by helping kids heal from the past, and strengthen families to break the cycle of abuse and neglect.