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Truly Urgent Need from our Ambassador in Eldoret Kenya Africa..Please listen and share


Hello my friends. this is Kenneth Mitchell, the president and founder of Missions Radio.Org. 

I know everyday we are approached with so many crucial and very much needed causes from around the world to even our back door. Now, here is yet another. 
This comes from our Ambassador in Africa, who works with us to dispense podcast and listeners to help educate and bring the gospel to them there in that area of the world.
Pastor Ken Shiku, has a dynamic church there in Africa, along with a school and housing to help take care of orphans and widows, along with other ministry needs.

Time with Pastor Ken Shiku (Waiting Upon The Lord) 12/29/15


Pastor Shiku brings an encouraging message of waiting upon the Lord in everything we do. Maybe you know someone who is struggling with waiting upon the Lord and you could share this message with them and you never know, God might just have a word for them through this podcast.

A powerful Word from Pastor Kennedy Shiku


You need to hear and share this message with all of your friends. PLease excuse the break up of the communication in the beginning...PLease listen and share, this is the Word of God coming to us..We MUST have the presence of God..thank You

Time with Pastor Kennedy Shiku


A powerful word from the Scripture concerning Fasting and Prayer...You need to hear this and share with many..You will be blessed.. This is a message straight from the heart of God..

Tuesday with Pastor Kennedy Shiku of Kenya Africa


Another powerful and anointed message by Pastor Ken Shiku of Eldoret Kenya on the Dreams that God has given you with scripture from Genesis 37:12