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Living on the Edge with Chip Ingram


It’s been said that you can give without loving, but you can’t love without giving. So, what does that actually look like - especially when we’re talking about loving God? Join Chip  to find out. The answer may surprise you! 

Informed Radio’s Interview with Alex McFarland on Campus Cultural Life in America


A great interview with Alex McFarland about Campus life for the Christian in America:

Religion and Culture Expert. Director of Christian Worldview and Apologetics at the Christian Worldview Center of North Greenville University. Co-host of American Family Radio Talk Network’s “Exploring the Word” talk show, and co-host of the “Viral Truth” radio and TV program. Author of 19 books, including his newly released book “Stand Strong in Your Faith: Live What You Believe with Confidence and Passion” co-authored by fellow Christian apologist Jason Jimenez.

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Informed’s Radio Interview with Brian Bird Executive Producer of “Heart of Man” Coming to a theater on Sept. 14, 2017 Near You


A Powerful interview with Brian Bird the executive Producer of "Heart of Man" Brian has helped produce such acclaimed faith based movies such The Case For Christ and 

The Heart of Man (Documentary) (executive producer) (completed
 Northern Lights (executive producer) (announced
 2014-2017When Calls the Heart (TV Series) (executive producer - 40 episodes) 
Heart of a Fighter (2017) ... (executive producer)
Heart of a Secret (2017) ... (executive producer)
Courageous Hearts (2017) ... (executive producer)
Healing Heart (2017) ... (executive producer)
My Heart Will Go On (2017) ... (executive producer)
 2017The Case for Christ (co-producer) 
 2016Godspeed: The Race Across America (Documentary) (executive producer) 
 2015The Reckoning (TV Movie) (executive producer) 
 2015/IICaptive (executive producer) 
 2013When Calls the Heart (TV Movie) (executive producer) 
 2013The Confession (TV Movie) (executive producer) 
 2011Jamaa (Short) (producer) 
 2011The Shunning (TV Movie) (executive producer) 
 2009Not Easily Broken (co-producer) 
 2007Glue Boys (Documentary) (consulting producer) 
 2007Saving Sarah Cain (producer) 
 2007The Last Sin Eater (producer) 
 2005Frisbee: The Life and Death of a Hippie Preacher (Documentary) (consulting producer) 
 Touched by an Angel (TV Series) (co-executive producer - 47 episodes, 2000 - 2002) (supervising producer - 26 episodes, 1999 - 2000) (consulting producer - 22 episodes, 2002 - 2003) 

Faith-based documentary “The Heart of Man” has been set for Sept. 14 as a one-night screening from Fathom Events and Sypher Studios at about 500 North American locations.

“The Heart of Man” is a re-telling of the Biblical prodigal son parable, juxtaposed with interviews of real people struggling with distractions from their faith and the shame that follows addiction. Shot on location in Hawaii, “The Heart of Man” is produced by Jason Pamer and Jens Jacob, directed by Eric Esau and executive produced by Brian Bird (“Captive,” “The Case for Christ, “When Calls the Heart”).

The film includes true stories interwoven with interviews with authors William Paul Young and Dr. Dan Allender, and spoken word artist Jackie Hill-Perry. The documentary content stars actors Justin Torrence, Serena Karnagy, and Robert Fleet.




Producers are aiming to show attendees that each has the opportunity to re-connect with their faith, family and one another. The screening of the feature will be followed by a roundtable conversation with Young and pastor Chad Veach, author of “Unreasonable Hope.”

“’The Heart of Man’ is a unique partnership for us in the faith category,” said Fathom Events CEO John Rubey. “This event can help open up dialogue for those who may have struggled with these topics in their communities, as well as unite them nationwide to be part of something greater.”

Fathom specializes in presenting live events and one-night showings for theatrical chains. It’s co-owned by AMC Entertainment, Cinemark Holdings and Regal Entertainment Group. Fathom’s biggest recent events include “Batman: The Killing Joke” in over 1,160 theaters last year; “TCM Big Screen Classics” screened at more than 700 theaters and “Met Live” at 700 sites.

Discover Joy with Evangelist Scott Camp “Chapter 4 of the Gospel of John”



Scott continues on through the Gospel of John. We examine Chapter 4 where Jesus, is the Master Soul Winner and he comes into contact with the Samaritan Well at well.

Great historical preview of this setting and the encounter with the woman. Jesus explains He is the Water of Life and to drink of HIm, she would never thirst again. So, she went and told of him and Jesus stayed a couple of days and many were brought into the Kingdom.

Enjoy this great teach and please share with others. 


Interview with Scott Stanwix The Founder of Fresh Tracks



So many non-profits are in great need, in so many areas of their organization, especially in fund raising. Fresh Tracks has chosen to take on this problem for so many different groups. Helping to bring hope in those funding areas, in some really unique ways.

Please take a listen as Scott explains to us the mission and vision of Fresh Tracks and how to many can now have the Life Insurance they need to leave for their families and at the same time will help many of the non-profits under the umbrella of Fresh Tracks.

You can call David Morris at 469-772-0947 and get your Insurance needs met today and help make a differnce in the world.

Parent Pump Radio – “Why an Entrepreneurial Mindset Is a Key to Your Children’s Success” (Show #40)


  • What is an entrepreneurial mindset?
  • Why is having it a key to success?
  • How can you cultivate it for your family?


Our guest, Marcus Boles, is a 3rd generation entrepreneur with over 25 years of entrepreneurship exposure.  From 2008 to 2014 he acquired degrees in Information Technology, Marketing, Supply Chain and Business along with skills in Sales, recruiting, and investment to name a few.  He describes himself as a “super achiever”. 


“Digital Education”:  
Weekly Empowering Message:




Contact me at Info@IntegrativeMinds to schedule your 30 minute complimentary strategy session to see how I can help you and your family.


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Discover Joy with Evangelist Scott Camp/ Study through the Gospel of John “Part 2″


Part 2 of a great study through the Gospel of John, with Evangelist Scott Camp. continuing the journey of understanding who Christ is in the world, the universe and our lives.

Missions Radio with Don Scenck of The Tide Global Radio Ministries

As Unemployment Reaches 90 Percent in Zimbabwe, The Tide® Radio Ministry Provides Hope Through Good News of Jesus Christ
Gospel Radio Programs Recorded in Zimbabweans’ Own Language
HARRISBURG, Pa.—The Zimbabwean reported from Johannesburg last week that according to Zimbabwe’s largest workers’ union, the country’s unemployment rate is now at 90 percent.
In a nation with such severe economic difficulties, The Tide® ( radio ministry is working to give hope to Zimbabwe’s people through the truth of the Gospel and the Good News of Jesus Christ.
Another challenge is that Zimbabwe’s aging president, Robert Mugabe, doesn’t acknowledge his peoples’ hardships, stating last week that the country isn’t fragile despite its plunging economy. Mugabe made the comments at the Africa leg of the World Economic Forum, The Washington Post reported.
The Tide ministry has been providing radio programs to remote villages around the globe to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ for over 70 years, including in Zimbabwe since 1983. The ministry also assists in the building of radio studios, provides leader-to-leader training and ensures that villagers have Bibles.
“The people The Tide ministry reaches in Zimbabwe have many needs, and we pray for them fervently, asking God to not only better their lives here on Earth, but to also open their hearts to the Gospel so that they can spend eternity with Christ,” said The Tide Director Don Shenk, who was born in what was onceRhodesia, and served as a missionary teaching and leading the Ekuphileni Bible Institute in Zimbabwe, where he lived for 28 years. “Some of their specific prayer requests include: ‘May you pray for me to get a job?’ and ‘I am facing some hardships in my life and am not married.’ We are blessed to be able to reach these people with Gospel radio programming recorded in their own language—Ndebele—so they can hear about the love of the Savior from a pastor or teacher from their own community.”
Currently, The Tide ministry works to reach people in seven countries on three continents through 24 heart languages, and even though Zimbabwe has been fairly extensively evangelized, there are still many who need to hear the Gospel message. In fact, nearly a quarter of the world’s population lives within the current range of The Tide radio programming. With nearly 7,000 languages spoken in the world today, the opportunities are tremendous.
Later this year, The Tide ministry will offer programming in its 25th heart language—Isaan, spoken by 19 million people in Thailand. That initiative will allow Thailand to join multiple regions of Zimbabwe, India, Nigeria, Nepal, Bhutan, Albania and Kosovo, where The Tide ministry is already active in broadcasting Gospel radio programming.

Justified with Justin James Today Topic ” Overcoming Objection in Evangelism”


Justin talks about overcoming objections in Evangelism. He provides feedback on objections you’ve had in Evangelism such as "Christians are hypocrites" "It is not the right time in my life" "How can I believe the Bible is correct?" and the challenge to Prove it.

Come on in and join us and make sure to share the podcast with and become A Social Media Advocate with us here at Justified and Missions Radio.Org


The Sons of Valor Gathering on August 19


this is going to be a powerful time of uniting the hearts of Fathers and Sons in the Dallas-Fort Worth area please take a quick listen and share this with as many Fathers and Sons as you can that are at least within 100 miles of the DFW area I pray you will God bless you

Here’s The Deal with Larry Tomczak ” Has the ‘Relevant’ Gospel Compromised Kingdom Culture?”


"I believe it's a great mistake to present Christianity as something charming and popular with no offense to it." —Dorothy Sayers, author

In our local church, Bible teacher Ray McCollum is leading us in an exposition of the greatest teaching ever given by the greatest teacher who ever lived. Here Jesus, in His masterpiece Sermon on the Mount, succinctly lays out in an orderly fashion exactly what is the normal Christian life.

Who Are Real Believers?

They are "poor in spirit ... mourn ... meek ... hunger and thirst for righteousness ... merciful... pure in heart ... peacemakers" (Matt. 5:1-9).

What Will Happen to Them?

They will be "persecuted for righteousness sake" (v. 10).

How Do They Affect the World?

They will be the "salt of the earth" and "light of the world" (vv. 13-15).             

Missions Radio Interview with Dr. Hormoz Shariat of Iran Alive Ministries


  A great briefing from Dr. Hormoz Shariat of Iran Alive ministries. God is doing a great work in Iran through this ministry, reaching millions everyday and seeing many come to Christ.

Please take a listen and share with others, so that they also can hear and learn what God is doing in Iran through Iran Alive Ministries. Thank You

Missions Radio Interview with Heather Avis, Author “The Lucky Few”


Heather is the founder of the hit Instagram account @macymakesmyday, which is enjoyed by and inspires people from all walks of life from every corner of the world. Heather is a wife to her loving and supportive husband Josh, and mother to Macyn, Truly, and August. They live in Southern California.

These are the faces that call me “mom,” the three children who made me a mother.

When I started my journey into parenthood I never thought it would look like this. I never planned on having three adopted children, and I certainly never imagined that two of them would have Down syndrome. But like most of the things God does, once we stepped into the craziness and confusion of the unknown and unplanned, we quickly realized that we were indeed among the lucky few.

When my husband and I decided to grow our family ten years ago, we were surprised to find that getting pregnant was not as easy as we had thought it would be. And as we navigated the ups and downs of infertility, God led us down the path of adoption. Of course, we would adopt! Not what we had originally planned, but certainly a wonderful option.


Read More @

“Parent Pump Radio – Communicating With Your Teenager” (Show #19)



Our Guest is Christine Alisa.  She is a traditionally based clinician, an Alternative Therapist &

Author. She is a Marriage Family Therapist in private practice for over 25 years, an international speaker and trainer of therapists in over 7 countries.


Her #1 best selling books are 1) Your Itty Bitty Communicating With Your Teenager Book: 15 Steps to Creating A Better Relationship With Your Teen and 2) Wondrous Places of the Heart; Alternative Therapy with Children


Christine Alisa has found a way to gently hear children as they delve into their childhood traumas, birth and past lives.  Children gain a deeper understanding of themselves and a greater capacity for problem solving. Parents receive practical advice, warning signs, strategies to use as well as communication tips. Christine Alisa’s transformational work brings peace and harmony to families.

Twitter: @ChrisAlisa_MS

FB: Christine Alisa

MP3 Download:


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Here’s The Deal with Larry Tomczak “10 TRIED-’N-TRUE TIPS TO SAVE $THOUSANDS$ IN 2017






Happy Holidays from Missions Radio


Court rules North Carolina voter ID law unconstitutional

… court ruled that a North Carolina law illegally targeted … North Carolina’s presidential race could be competitive, as Barack Obama … closely contested races for U.S. Senate and governor. GOP … evenly divided and short-handed Supreme Court would take the …

US election: Hillary Clinton six points ahead of Donald Trump in latest poll

Trump, a 70-year-old New York businessman and former reality TV … the option to choose from Clinton, Trump, Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson … Party candidate Jill Stein, has Clinton and Trump tied at 37 …

Exclusive - Clinton campaign also hacked in attacks on Democrats

… matters." "The FBI takes seriously any … than remaining silent. The Obama administration announced in an … for Clinton over U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont. … Washington, Grant Smith in New York and Amanda Becker in Hatfield, Pennsylvania; …

Follow up interview on Missions Radio with Erin Weidemann of Bible Belles


Missions Radio Interview with Marc Stein of Joni and Friends International Disability Center


What a great interview with Marc Stein, as we discuss the powerful ministry of Joni and Friends Intl. Disability Center.

Marc Stein is the Vice President of Field Services at the Joni and Friends International Disability Center.  

Marc has dedicated more than 15 years of his professional career to strategic leadership. In his position as Managing Director of Field Services, he oversees and manages all hands-on initiatives and departments that serve people affected by disability for Joni and Friends, including Wheels for the World, Family Retreats, Church Relations, Correspondence and Resource, and 14 Joni and Friends U.S. Field Ministry offices throughout the United States.

The ministries of Joni and Friends...

Iran Alive Briefing on the state of Iran with Sam Ghoebetti


OUr monthly briefing with Iran Alive Ministries, with Pastor Sam Ghobetti, as he share the testimonies and the news coming out of Iran and the surrounding areas..

Understanding The Power of Grace (part 3 ) by Kenneth Mitchell



Missions Radio Interview with Arturo Muyshondt of the Movie “The Pastor”

While serving 8 years in prison, a former gang leader discovers his faith in God after a brutal knife attack. Pursuing his newfound faith, a prison pastor mentors and ordains the once violent man. After being released back into his community, the new pastor vows to protect and serve his community. By rebuilding a church in the middle of a multi-cultural, Hispanic gang territory in Brooklyn, the Pastor seeks neutral territory where the underprivileged youth of the community may find an alternative to the dangerous gang lifestyle so rampant around them. As turf wars heat up between the two most prominent gangs, one gang leader targets the Pastor's new mission and community - the church is vandalized, his life is threatened and his estranged wife is kidnapped. Fighting his inner demons and violent instincts, the Pastor must decide between maintaining his newfound faith or returning to the cold-blooded killer he once was...

The Morning Show – 11092015 – Walking with Jesus – Part 15


The Morning Show – 11/05/2015


The Field Report with Marlena Taylor of The Family Peace Project


The Family Peace Project, Inc., a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, works to protect, educate, assist, care and empower victims of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault in Henderson County, Texas.  Relying solely on donations from individuals, businesses, churches, grants and private foundations.  This allows the Family Peace Project to offer a faith-based program for healing and moving forward in recovery

The Clark Crawford Show 9/1/2015