VOICE FOR CHOICE Podcast 2 – The big win

February 15, 2017

Podcast 2 – The big win    

  • Key topics - Facts and stats, why this is a subject you need to be informed about, what you gain when you choose to live porn free.
  • Quote – “The first step towards change is awareness.”  Nathaniel Branden                                     
  • Key message – Life’s better without porn.

Voice For Choice Podcast 1 “The Empty Promise”

February 8, 2017

Podcast 1 – The empty promise 

  • Key topics - The pro-porn voice, the realities of the porn industry, what the porn industry doesn’t want you to know.
  • Quote – “It’s easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.”  Frederick Douglas
  • Key message – Porn is fake and you’ve been had.

Please share with those who you know need to hear about the corrupt and degrading industry and the lies and deception behind it all.

Thank You.