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Voices of AllHumanity Interview with Patrick O’Neal of “Amp Your Good”

Interview with Patrick O'Neal, the CEO of Amp Your Good. Robert Cipriano and I talk with Patrick about the efforts and capabilities of Amp Your Good and how everybody can participate in this great way of giving online to food programs and pantries around the nation. We would encourage everyone to take a look at the site @

We live in a time when we are all flooded with information - some helpful, some entertaining, some useless. We are also living in a time of great need - so many need help in so many ways. And we are living in a time of great change - technology has been disrupting lots of things - lots of new ways to do old things.

Amp Your Good was founded based upon the idea of using technology to make helping out easier to do, more social, more efficient and more impactful. We want to amplify the good in everyone by enabling their good intentions to have the greatest impact.


Voices of AllHumanity Interview with Sean O’Bryan Smith


Sean is an award winning film composer, chart topping recording artist, bassist to the stars, author and respected music supervisor. His vast array of musical works transcend genres and his scores have been heard all over the world including the prestigious Festival de Cannes, Oaxaca International Film Festival, numerous Bollywood and Tollywood releases and much, much more.

His presence in faith based film especially has made him a viable force in the contemporary film industry garnering numerous awards as well as placing him as one of the top composers of the genre.

As an artist, Sean has been a top selling contemporary jazz persona since 2005 and has performed at some of the top festivals across the country for well over one million people during his decades long career.

Interview with Robert Cipriano of the AllHumanity Group

Interview with Robert Cipriano, the founder and president of the AllHumanity Group. A network of like minded organizations and people that strive to connect in the humanitarian and spiritual efforts of this world. From the founding of the principle to the formation of Redemption Film Partners and Rob's personal testimony of recent battle with heart failure.