Our Guest is Christine Alisa.  She is a traditionally based clinician, an Alternative Therapist &

Author. She is a Marriage Family Therapist in private practice for over 25 years, an international speaker and trainer of therapists in over 7 countries.


Her #1 best selling books are 1) Your Itty Bitty Communicating With Your Teenager Book: 15 Steps to Creating A Better Relationship With Your Teen and 2) Wondrous Places of the Heart; Alternative Therapy with Children


Christine Alisa has found a way to gently hear children as they delve into their childhood traumas, birth and past lives.  Children gain a deeper understanding of themselves and a greater capacity for problem solving. Parents receive practical advice, warning signs, strategies to use as well as communication tips. Christine Alisa’s transformational work brings peace and harmony to families.



Twitter: @ChrisAlisa_MS

FB: Christine Alisa

MP3 Download: https://soundcloud.com/christine-alisa/free-bonus-6-9-16


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