At least 26 alarmist movements in history  proved to be “phony baloney.” All that was needed was the passage of time to debunk them. So it’s time to padlock your gates or risk getting gored by one of today’s master manipulators.


Al Gore is an environmental alarmist making megamillions from his cause. The Climate Control Caped Crusader's latest offering is a sequel to his famous film, “An Inconvenient Truth.” Opening in theaters nationwide, the abbreviated title is, “An Inconvenient Sequel” and I hope this commentary saves you the inconvenience of spending $10 for what is mainly another hundred minute hoax!


The documentary is typical fear-mongering propaganda on what even Obama came to believe was the “greatest long-term threat facing the world.” “It's "terrifying,” he once said, warning it would create a refugee crisis “unprecedented in human history” before pledging billions of taxpayer money to the cause.  Numerous Hollywood celebrities heralded the former vice-president’s claims as they wasted massive amounts of energy on their private jets wisking them off to vacation playgrounds.

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