Momentum continues across America to purge the public square of symbols deemed distasteful reminders of America's past. Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, who formerly hailed Richmond statues as "part of our heritage," now lampoons them as "flash points for hatred, division and violence."

Protesters in the "Tear Down" movement say they are protesting past injustices. The memorials are "racist, painful reminders that must go!" They site flaws of leaders to discredit them and as an indictment of an America "needing cultural cleansing."

Activists target not only Confederate displays but presidents, founders, patriots, explorers and religious figures deemed "offensive."

ESPN caved in by catapulting Robert Lee as a sportscaster due to his name. "Honest" Abe Lincoln's flaws were excavated so his 100-year-old bust was smashed, tarred and burned in Chicago. And Columbus's 225-year-old statue was smashed in Baltimore to say "Kaput!" to his "covered-up cruelties."

This is not just a "Slay the Southerners" stampede (where 75 percent of the people had no slaves).

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