“The mass of humanity lead lives of quiet desperation.”


-  Thoreau

Millions of Americans are in pain fighting loneliness, anxiety and depression.


  • Time magazine’s recent cover story declares, “The Anti Antidepressant.  Depression Afflicts 16 Million Americans.”


  • A new study reveals, “Loneliness is now a greater health issue than obesity.”  The magnitude of the problem showed 43 million Americans risking premature death.


  • Chester Bennington, leader of Linkin Park, killed himself after his struggles with depression and drug addiction. Our Nashville mayor’s only son just died from marijuana and Xanax, a drug used to treat depression.


  • After Netflix’s series, “13 Reasons Why” glamorized killing oneself, Google queries on how to commit suicide spiked 20 percent!


  • A front page article of USA Today on 7/7/17, “Quality of Care for PTSD and Depression in the Military Health System” revealed suicide among troops spiked to crisis proportions.  The rates doubled from 2005 to 2012 according to the Pentagon.

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