There is a masterpiece of a movie in theaters now. It’s nominated for multiple Oscars including “Best Picture”; has no nudity, sensuality, violence or profanity (some cussing); a PG true story; and, even features people unashamedly praying in the Name of Jesus and declaring, “Thank you Jesus!”

The entire story revolves around three women of character working silently behind the scenes against resistance and shameful opposition. Yet instead of rage-filled protests, they demonstrated grace, humility and patience to bring about change.

In this season of Trump-hating vitriol and angry marches, it’s inspiring and refreshing to be reminded that there is a God-given pathway to progress. The film, “Hidden Figures,” is a tour-de-force that deserves our support.

I wish I could reassure readers that the current swelling “resistance movement” will subside but it won’t. Nasty, vulgar women, subsidized anarchists and lawless legislators are only the beginning. The propagandist media complies as evidenced by their narrative on “airport chaos” when Chief of Staff Reince Priebus said on Sunday’s “Meet the Press” (1/29/17) that only 109 foreigners from select Muslim countries were delayed briefly for questioning out of 325,000 in one day!

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