I don't know about you, but the constant barrage of negativity and gloomy reports in the news tends to beat me down. Polls show only a paltry 21% of American voters believe we're headed in the right direction.

Terrorism, polarization, deception, economic stagnation, political corruption, racial agitation and ongoing moral deterioration are widespread and escalating. Let's be honest, things are not getting better no matter what our President tells us.

Now don't check out just yet. There is some good news!

"Spiritual Awakening Happening Now!"

"Revival Breaking Out in America!"

"America Is Turning Back to God!"

"Gathering Reveals USA in Midst of Major Move of God!"

News headlines, blog declarations and sermon titles like these excite my soul. Yet how many times have I closed my eyes and whispered a Nehemiah-like "shoot 'em up" prayer (Neh. 2:4), "Lord, please may this be true not just wishful thinking that isn't rooted in reality."

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