Recently USA TODAY did something they've never done in their 34 year history. Their Editorial Board never took sides in a presidential race till now.  You'll never guess who they're supporting!

While they're not officially endorsing Hillary for the presidency, they list 10 reasons why Donald is "unfit for the presidency." Their editorial ends, "By all means vote, just not for Donald Trump."

While President Obama's hometown Chicago Tribune endorsed Gary Johnson for president, this "unbiased," free in the motels publication presents readers with detailed arguments why we shouldn't support the Republican candidate. Ten reasons were given to disqualify the Republican candidate for president selected by the largest number of Americans ever to vote in a Republican primary in history.

My wife believes this is another attempt to demoralize and discourage people from registering to vote since it's a"done deal" Hillary will win. Right?

Not so fast.

Proverbs 18:17 (Amp.) warns, "He who states his case first seems right, until his rival comes and cross-examines him." Examine their reasons to dump Trump. Some criticisms are valid. He has major flaws and truly is a work in progress! But should their same points apply to Clinton? 

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