Sam Rohrer is a former businessman, former state legislator, and current president of the America Pastors Network. From 1992 to 2010, he served as a Pennsylvania State Representative from Berks County, during which time his outspoken support of constitutional principles hallmarked his public service.

In 2009, Sam entered the race for PA governor as the conservative Republican candidate. Following the campaign he assumed the position of PA State Director for Americans for Prosperity, a position which he held until he ran for US Senate in 2011. Coming in second in a 5-way race, Sam further established his credentials as the leading conservative in the state. 

In June 2012, Sam was appointed President of the Pennsylvania Pastors Network and soon thereafter, he founded the American Pastors Network. The PA Pastors Network has grown to over 2400 pastors, and the American Pastors Network is building state chapters across the country. In these leadership positions, Sam unites his experience in public policy with his commitment to encouraging pastors to preach truth boldly from the pulpit.

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