A great interview with Gretchen Downey and Jacqueline T. D. Huynh of Parent Pump Radio.com

Inaugural Program to air on September 27, 2016 @ 12 noon PST..Make sure and tune in. Go to www.missionsradio.org now and download the mobile app to listen on your mobile devices. 

PUMP UP THE VOLUME on your parenting, get motivated, inspired and informed with how to parent in the new millennium.

This isn’t just any parent radio show. Throw the “same-old same-old” out the door. At Parent Pump Radio, instead of a ripple, we choose to create a splash!

  • Wish that you could get more traction for your parenting efforts?
  • Want your kids to learn to self regulate and feel better?
  • Want the “real deal” on how to handle challenging family members?

Great!!  You’re in the right place. We’re here to help give you the tools to improve the life of your children and yourself.  We’ll discuss topics that cover ALL dimensions of a human being – physical, mental and spiritual ~ which helps you navigate and regulate life at its highest.


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