Interview with Shandra Carter The Executive Director of Freedom Place, the home and program for girls that have been involved in sex trafficking and what we can do to help...Here is a story of one incident:

It was always the same message, and it was sent to more than 800 girls on social media, most often to those posting about fights with their parents or feeling isolated at school. “You’re pretty,” the message said. “You could make some money.” Many were intrigued, including a 17-year-old Fairfax County, Virginia girl, who responded and arranged a meeting. She soon found herself trapped in a car with members of a violent gang operating in the affluent suburbs. One of the men pulled her out of the car and raped her. When she resisted, he cut her with a knife. He then took her to an apartment building, where she was forced to have sex with more than a dozen men. When she was finally driven home early the next day, she was told if she said anything, they’d come back and kill her.
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