A wonderful briefing from the Director of Media and Public Relations of The Voice of the Martyrs,
 Todd Nettleton 
who shared with us about:

Iranian Christian family who had an amazing testimony of God’s work in their lives. The father spent more than three years in prison; the mother and oldest son were also arrested.

American Christian worker who has been in Turkey for 15 years, and now the Turkish government is trying to kick him out. He currently has several court cases going on against him, and he talked about how God has used President Erdogan, even though he is a Muslim and moving Turkey in a more Muslim direction, to put in place some religious freedom protections that are now helping Christians.

A pastor who talked about how the church is growing. “It’s becoming normal now to have Muslim people in our service,” he said. They are hungry. He also said that when authorities tell him that he can’t baptize Muslims, he says, “I NEVER baptize Muslims! I only baptize people who have become Christians!”

A pastor who VOM is partnering with and who is reaching out to refugees from Iraq and Syria. What an amazing work God is doing among these people! This pastor and his church members go and take food and clothing and other aid. And they tell the people that they want to pray for them in Jesus’ name. He said almost NEVER has anyone refused the prayer or become hostile toward them.

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