A very insightful interview on the interpretation of Islamic Radicalism and how it should be addressed by President Trump with Joel Rosenberg

Best Selling Author Urges President Trump To Deliver Major Address
Defining 'Radical Islamic Terrorism'
As the President rallies coalition of 68 nations in Washington today
to work together more closely to defeat the Islamic State,
new poll reveals Americans want their leaders to define the enemy
 A new survey commissioned by Middle East expert and New York Timesbestselling author Joel C. Rosenberg reveals Americans believe we are losing the war against the Islamic State and fear ISIS is preparing to launch catastrophic terror attacks inside the homeland. The poll also reveals Americans want their leaders to define the nature of the enemy we face.

"Mr. Trump is the first president in American history to use the phrase 'radical Islamic terrorism,' which he referred to in his Inaugural Address and his Joint Address to Congress," said Joel C. Rosenberg, author of Without Warning, a political thriller that provides a fictional look into what could happen if leaders do not take seriously the threats of our enemies and are blindsided by a series of catastrophic terror attacks by ISIS inside the American homeland."Neither Presidents Bush nor Obama chose to use this term.

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