What a wonderful interview with Kay Horner, the Executive Director of Awakening America Alliance and Cry Out America, International Center For Spiritual Renewal

As we discuss the efforts and mission of so many leader groups and initiatives to bring a great awakening to America.

Awakening America Alliance is broad umbrella under which the body of Christ in America can unite together in seeking a transformational revival that will impact our culture and ultimately the world.

In addition to being a unifying umbrella, the purpose of the Awakening America Alliance is to:

  • Issue a wake-up call for revival in the church and nation by utilizing unified activity, various forms of media, strategic leadership summits, and grassroots prayer gatherings.

  • Collaborate together in prayer, fasting, and God-inspired action to impact the nation's non-Christian population through inspiring Jesus followers to live a prayer/care/share lifestyle Monday through Friday.

  • Challenge today's church in welcoming and discipling new generations of American youth.

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