The Broken SCOUT

A Story of Abuse and Redemption

In his tell-all memoir, The Broken Scout: A Story of Abuse and Redemption (Redemption Press, April 4, 2017), Stewart reveals never-before-told details of the childhood stolen from him by his abuser, bringing readers along his journey through the physical abuse, its psychological aftermath, cancer, divorce and the loss of a child, revealing how his faith in God led to healing, redemption, and forgiveness.

“I never imagined my own life story was going to be published with its dramatic themes of horrific abuse, chaos, and tragedy,” writes Stewart. “I embrace the compassion that my difficult circumstances have given me. I’ve learned how to understand the weary, the weak, and the faint—because I was one of them.”

Conditioned to obey without question by a proud, domineering mother, Tom was brainwashed, abused, and threatened with a gun by his Scout leader. Ten years of hidden abuse set the stage for chaos in his personal relationships, and the fallout in his family as an adult. This inspiring first-person story takes the reader beyond the abuse to Tom’s lifelong challenges of dealing with the aftermath as a man. From helping bring Boy Scouts of America to accountability and justice, to surviving cancer and family upheavals, including divorce, drug abuse, and tragedy, Tom Stewart relied on his faith in God to see him through.

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