A great interview with Steve Fitzhugh of Power Moves,"The POWER to move you into SUCCESS and SIGNIFICANCE!" AS we talked about his personal testimony, his work with

The FCA and the wonderful project in S.E Washington DC "The House"serves as a safe place for the students of Southeast DC to learn life skills and discover their purpose. Today in addition to his speaking duties, Mr. Fitzhugh is a Transition Coach with the NFL's Players Association's - Player Engagement Program, mentoring rookies and retirees to life with and without football. He is also the national spokesperson for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes’ "One Way 2 Play - Drug Free" program

Mr. Fitzhugh is an author, poet, lyricist and master motivator. His book, “Who Will Survive?” is a powerful story for teens and parents about the battle for the lives of America's youth. His poetry and songs tap into the struggles, joys, heartaches, and life’s funny moments to which so many can relate. You can find his products on www.powermoves.org.

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