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Parent Pump Radio – “Hand In Hand Parenting Approach” (Show #36)

June 29, 2017

  • Are you having a hard time setting limits with your children?
  • Do you wish there was some practical tool that could help you resolve universal family challenges?
  • Are you a parent feeing alone and exhausted?

Well you’re not alone.  The Hand in Hand Parenting” approach works with parents providing resources, training, and lots of support. For more than 20 years, their Parenting by Connection approach has given parents practical tools to resolve universal family challenges. Their fresh and effective framework is consistent with the latest research and results in long-term family success.


Our guest, Abigail Wald, is the mom to two sons, now 8 and 10. Her eldest was born needing multiple heart surgeries, and her youngest encountered medical challenges as well. And so it happened that when she found herself struggling with regular old day-to-day parenting, she decided to dig in deep and learn why parenting could feel so tough, even when you had all the love in your heart, and the best of intentions. She found her answer in Hand in Hand Parenting, and loves sharing that info with other parents. Because love is great, but you need skills that work too.




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