New book - “How to Survive Elementary School”

Our guest, Author Roseanney Liu is a freelance writer and ESL teacher. With her husband Daniel Getting, she is raising their kids Morgan and Jackson who attends the Los Angeles public school syst​em. She is experienced teaching adult students from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds and loves traveling with her family.

 Our guest, Author Morgan Getting is 10 years old, a 4th grader with a vivacious personality.  She enjoys volleyball, popular music and some creative arts. Is always quick with wit and humor, she doesn’t take herself too seriously and loves going to the beach with her family and friends.


  1. The book covers 7 common categories and issues that families often deal with
  2. There are helpful tips, candid perspective and practical advice on how to work through issues
  3. Tips on issues like homework, pressures, bullying, technology, and communicating with teachers.


Webpage: www.Roseanney.com



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