Welcome to Parent Pump Radio!!

PUMP UP THE VOLUME on your parenting, get motivated, inspired and informed with how to parent in the new millennium. Tune  into something different that makes a difference.  This isn’t just any parent radio show. Throw the “same-old same-old” out the door. At Parent Pump Radio, instead of a ripple, we choose to create a splash!


Your hosts and parent super-guides are Gretchen Downey and Jacqueline T.D. Huynh 

Go to www.ParentPumpRadio.com to leave your comments, questions and suggestions for upcoming show.  You can also find more about Gretchen and Jacqueline as well as get their free gifts.

Tune in every Tuesday at noon at www.MissionRadio.org to listen to us live and come back to listen to archived shows.

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