LiveBeyond is a faith-based, humanitarian organization bringing medical and maternal health care, clean water, education, orphan care, community development and the gospel of Jesus Christ to the oppressed in Thomazeau, Haiti.


We are an organization that chooses to #LiveBeyond... ourselves, our culture, our borders & this life so that others can #LiveBeyond ... disease, hunger, poverty and despair to transform Thomazeau for the Kingdom of God.


Dr. David and Laurie Vanderpool started doing volunteer medical work 22 years ago, providing free health care in third world countries that suffered from either natural or man-made disasters.

In 2005, the Vanderpools formally founded Mobile Medical Disaster Relief (MMDR) after he and his oldest son, David Stallings, provided emergency medical care across the Mississippi coast after Hurricane Katrina. Soon after the hurricane, Dr. Vanderpool expanded his relief efforts to provide medical care and disaster relief abroad. They ran temporary medical clinics in war-torn and impoverished countries like Ghana, Mozambique, Iraq, Honduras and South Africa. 

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