Missions Radio Interview with John Boyd of Missions Aviation Fellowship

March 28, 2017

This is one of my favorite interviews, out of hundreds, so far..I love what Missions Aviation Fellowship stands for and what they do, every hour of everyday..This is a must hear.

You'll find MAF in the hardest-to-reach locations, where people live isolated from the rest of the world, cut off from the most basic necessities. Our highly trained pilots maneuver Cessna and KODIAK aircraft through rugged terrain. And while passengers might hold their breath, MAF pilots skillfully land at short, unimproved airstrips on the sides of mountains, in jungle clearings, or on tropical rivers—to bring medicine and doctors, disaster relief, education, evangelists, Bible translators, food supplies, agriculture and clean water projects, and more. Why do we do it? Because we’re passionate about sharing Christ's love beyond where the road ends



Here’s The Deal with Larry Tomczak ” The Collapse of Comedy in America is No Joking Matter”

March 27, 2017

“The devil pulls the strings which makes us dance;

       he finds delight in the most loathsome things;

       some furtherance of Hell each new day brings,

       and yet we feel no horror in that rank advance.”

-  Charles Baudelaire, French poet

Growing up, did you enjoy humor and laughter, especially as you watched TV shows with your favorite characters? Andy, Barney and Opie…Wally and the “Beav”…Lucy, Ricky, Fred and Ethel…Rob and Laura Petrie…Jed, Granny and Mr. Drysdale…


God ordained comedy.  “Joy is the serious business of heaven,” wrote C.S. Lewis. Scripture reveals that Jesus was actually the happiest person who ever lived!  The Father anointed Him “…with the oil of gladness more than Your companions” (Heb. 1:9).


   Tragically, Comedy Has Slid Into the Sewer

Missions Radio Interview with Victor Torres and the upcoming movie “Victor” Must Hear

March 24, 2017

A powerful interview with Pastor Victor Torres, as we discuss the upcoming movie about his life. We talk about his current ministry and life and his continued ministry to those who are broken and hurting.

In the early 1960s, Victor Torres and his family moved to Brooklyn, New York from their native Puerto Rico in search of a new life. The American dream quickly fades as they face a life of want in their adopted home. As a new recruit in a street gang, a teenage Victor embarks on a lucrative new drug-trafficking business in an attempt to help his struggling family. Victor is quickly enslaved by drug use, and his parents, Manuel and Lila, desperately search to find a way to help their son. A faith-based rehabilitation program is their last chance to rescue Victor.

The film VICTOR is an adaptation of Victor Torres’ autobiography entitled “Son of Evil Street”.  The film tells the story of Victor and his family as they learn to live in their new land.  Victor become a victim of gang life, and he soon finds himself enthroned by heroin and struggling with the faith that could save his life.
After collaborating on the award-winning documentary LIFE IN A BOX, Executive Producer Greg Wilkerson, (son of David Wilkerson, who is depicted in the film) and Director / Co-Writer Brandon Dickerson join forces to to tell this inspiring story.

The Victor Movie


March 23, 2017
  • Key topics – a look inside the life of a sex addict, what the road to recovery looks like, resources and available options for help and support

  • Quote – “Seek progress not perfection.” Source unknown – common saying in recovery.

  • Key message – There is hope and freedom from addiction is possible.

Here’s The Deal with Larry Tomczak “Madness Multiplies as Mom and Son Change Gender Together”

March 22, 2017


The Bible explicitly states the following: "A woman must not wear a man's clothing, nor is a man to put on a woman's clothing. For all that do so are abominations to the Lord your God" (Deut. 22:5).

Scripture also states unequivocally that God created men and women and made no mistakes in the process. "You brought my inner parts into being; You wove me in my mother's womb. I will praise You, for You made me with fear and wonder; marvelous are Your works, and You know me completely" (Ps. 139:13-14).

Finally, divine revelation records that those who reject God's design "became futile in their imaginations, and their foolish hearts were darkened. Claiming to be wise, they became fools" (Rom.1:21b-22a).

It is with great sadness that I bring this commentary which underscores how far off the track we've gone, particularly in the area of sexuality, marriage and gender identity. Denying and diminishing God's creative masterpiece, people are re-creating themselves in increasingly bizarre ways.

Missions Radio Interview with Clint Bruce

March 15, 2017

A great interview with Clint Bruce, who will be one of the speakers at The Sonsof Valor Gathering on May 13th 2017 @ the Mesquite Convention Center. Clint shares his personal testimony and the ministry of talking with teams in the NFL, NCAA and other sports teams along with his talks at some of todays largest corporations.

VOICE FOR CHOICE Podcast 4 – The consequences of viewing pornography

March 15, 2017

Podcast 4 – The consequences of viewing pornography 

  • Key topics – Physical damage, Psychological damage, Social damage and Spiritual damage
  • Quote - “Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.” Aldous Huxley
  • Key message – This is no longer a moral / ethical subject.  There is now undeniable scientific proof that viewing porn is a choice that has many negative consequences.

Parent Pump Radio PRESENTS Teen2Parent Talk – “Teens’ Experience with Mental Disorder & Isolation” (Show #21)

March 14, 2017


Parent Pump Radio PRESENTS Teen2Parent Talk – “Teens’ Experience with Mental Disorder & Isolation” (Show #21)


OUR EXPERT GUEST IS BRIAN CHAO.  He is a sophomore at the University of Pennsylvania. He previously attended Mira Costa High School and is from Manhattan Beach, CA. He is currently studying Cognitive Science and is very interested in pursuing a potential career in clinical psychology, experimental psychology, or mental health policy. He is currently involved in multiple mental wellness organizations at Penn.


OUR GUEST CO-HOST IS ANNA PIRKL  She is a Licensed Marital and Family Therapist, CCAPP RADT-1 and Registered Art Therapist.  She now specializes in addiction and recovery work, complex trauma, and anxiety. Anna uses a variety of therapeutic tools and approaches to assist her clients, such as Mindfulness Practices, Cognitive Behavioral, Educational and Psychodynamic.


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March 14, 2017

Read Linda Seiler testimony at http://barbwire.com/2017/03/14/transgender-emphasis-advances-woman-21-year-secret-sets-people-free/


For the past decade, I have been addressing LGBTQ issues along with my longtime friend Dr. Michael Brown. On my part, I did a video called “10 Things Everyone Needs to Know About Being Gay” and wrote two books entitled Here’s the Deal and Bullseye. Our passion is to see people transformed by the gospel as the lovely lady cited in this article was.

Our efforts have become more pronounced in recent years because of the acceleration of the LGBTQ agenda and the cultural drift from our Judeo-Christian foundations. We are experiencing massive deception that Jesus highlighted in Matthew 24 as the primary sign prior to His return.

Nowhere is this more prominent than in the area of sexuality, marriage and gender identity. We are in the “ball of confusion” once sung about by Motown’s “Temptations.” Obama’s illegitimate edict pushing public schools to open restrooms, showers and changing areas to gender-confused students brought this to the forefront.

Missions Radio Interview with Dr. Hormoz Shariat of Iran Alive Ministries

March 10, 2017

  A great briefing from Dr. Hormoz Shariat of Iran Alive ministries. God is doing a great work in Iran through this ministry, reaching millions everyday and seeing many come to Christ.

Please take a listen and share with others, so that they also can hear and learn what God is doing in Iran through Iran Alive Ministries. Thank You

Missions Radio Interview with Athena Dean Holtz

March 9, 2017


From a young age, Athena Dean Holtz chased affirmation and attention from all the wrong sources, leaving her empty and alone. A victim of physical abuse and spiritual deception, she was deceived by Scientology, forays into mysticism and 12 years in a restrictive and legalistic cult, she lost everything—her marriage, relationships, home, business, money and reputation. In her forthcoming book Full Circle: Coming Home to the Faithfulness of God (Redemption Press, Feb. 27, 2017), Holtz candidly tells her story of self-discovery, redemption and freedom as she surrendered to Jesus.


“This is the story of how God brought me full circle,” writes Holtz. “How he brought me home . . . to a place I had always longed for, but never knew how to find.”


In Full Circle, Holtz vulnerably shares her journey and gives readers a front-row seat to her story of a shattered life restored. An important story for anyone who has questioned his or her worth or direction; Holtz proves that anyone who believes God and invites Him to join in their trials welcomes the result of His triumph. Full Circle offers not only her life story but biblical answers to the raw questions she asked during the peaks and valleys of her life.


“Knowing how much God loves me, I am finding my significance in Him rather than in what I do or with whom I am associated.”

Parent Pump Radio – Surprising Facts about Teen Eating Disorders (Show #20)

March 7, 2017


Our Guest is Michelle Manarino.  She has worked in the field of nutrition since 2000.  She received her degree in food and nutrition and has earned additional certifications in Adult Weight Management and Intuitive Eating.  Michele has extensive experience working with eating disordered patients.  She currently sees private patients in Torrance and Los Alamitos; focusing on disordered eating, weight management, wellness, family nutritional counseling, and sports nutrition.  She is also a consultant to the Torrance Memorial Medical Stabilization Program for Patients with Eating Disorders and a visiting professor at Mount San Antonio College.


23440 Hawthorne Blvd., #220

Torrance Ca 90505

(310) 378-3360

Email: nutritionbymanarino@yahoo.com





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Here’s The Deal with Larry Tomczak “1000 Intercessors Offer 10 Major Prophetic Insights About What God’s Doing in America Right Now

March 7, 2017

Revered international evangelist Dr. Billy Graham is 98 and still maintains that the "best preacher in the family" is his beautiful daughter, Anne Graham Lotz. As the chairwoman of this year's "National Day of Prayer" on May 4, she took time to unite with over 1000 intercessors on a nationwide prayer call sponsored by Intercessors for America ministry.

I had the honor of being a part of this significant time the day after returning from the 29th Roundtable hosted by Rick Joyner, prophetic leader in the body of Christ. This annual gathering of senior leaders convenes to "hear what the Spirit says to the churches" (Rev.2:29b), as well as build our bonds of friendship.

"What happened?" "What was God saying?" "What do we need to know to keep step with the Spirit?" people ask.

Here are 10 significant points I gleaned from these two important events. 

VOICE FOR CHOICE Podcast 3 – Sexual Addiction

March 3, 2017

Podcast 3 – Sexual addiction  3/3/17

  • Key topics – What is sexual addiction and how does porn relate to it, the impact viewing porn has on our brains, empathy for those addicted, are you addicted?
  • Quote - “Being entirely honest with oneself is a good exercise.” – Sigmund Freud
  • Key message – Porn is highly addictive.

Missions Radio Interview with Heather Avis, Author “The Lucky Few”

March 3, 2017

Heather is the founder of the hit Instagram account @macymakesmyday, which is enjoyed by and inspires people from all walks of life from every corner of the world. Heather is a wife to her loving and supportive husband Josh, and mother to Macyn, Truly, and August. They live in Southern California.

These are the faces that call me “mom,” the three children who made me a mother.

When I started my journey into parenthood I never thought it would look like this. I never planned on having three adopted children, and I certainly never imagined that two of them would have Down syndrome. But like most of the things God does, once we stepped into the craziness and confusion of the unknown and unplanned, we quickly realized that we were indeed among the lucky few.

When my husband and I decided to grow our family ten years ago, we were surprised to find that getting pregnant was not as easy as we had thought it would be. And as we navigated the ups and downs of infertility, God led us down the path of adoption. Of course, we would adopt! Not what we had originally planned, but certainly a wonderful option.


Read More @ https://www.luckyfewbook.com/

“Parent Pump Radio – Communicating With Your Teenager” (Show #19)

February 28, 2017


Our Guest is Christine Alisa.  She is a traditionally based clinician, an Alternative Therapist &

Author. She is a Marriage Family Therapist in private practice for over 25 years, an international speaker and trainer of therapists in over 7 countries.


Her #1 best selling books are 1) Your Itty Bitty Communicating With Your Teenager Book: 15 Steps to Creating A Better Relationship With Your Teen and 2) Wondrous Places of the Heart; Alternative Therapy with Children


Christine Alisa has found a way to gently hear children as they delve into their childhood traumas, birth and past lives.  Children gain a deeper understanding of themselves and a greater capacity for problem solving. Parents receive practical advice, warning signs, strategies to use as well as communication tips. Christine Alisa’s transformational work brings peace and harmony to families.



Twitter: @ChrisAlisa_MS

FB: Christine Alisa

MP3 Download: https://soundcloud.com/christine-alisa/free-bonus-6-9-16


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Missions Radio Interview with Dr. Del Tackett..One Night Showing “Is Genesis History?”

February 22, 2017








WHAT               In the enlightening new documentary, IS GENESIS HISTORY?, Dr. Del Tackett leads audiences on a remarkable journey through evidence supporting historic claims in the Book of Genesis with renowned scientists and Bible scholars.

WHO                Featuring host Dr. Del Tackett, creator of The Truth Project, IS GENESIS HISTORY?, from Compass Cinema, is produced and directed by Thomas Purifoy, Jr.

WHEN              In cinemas for one night Thursday, February 23, at 7 p.m. local time, from Fathom Events.


SYNOPSIS       Traveling across the continent, Dr. Del Tackett talks to experts in geology, biology, astronomy, archaeology, the Bible and more—seeking answers to centuries-long questions surrounding the book of Genesis:


  • Was the universe created in six literal days?
  • Did humans evolve?
  • Were Adam and Eve real?
  • Was there a global flood?
  • What happened to the dinosaurs?


From immense available evidence about our origins, two histories arise. But which is correct? IS GENESIS HISTORY? presents a positive, evidenced-based case for the Bible’s historical reliability.



On both sides, discussions of life’s origins quickly turn negative. In the

exciting new documentary, IS GENESIS HISTORY?, Director Thomas

Purifoy, Jr. takes another road, laying out conversational, understandable

specifics for the Book of Genesis as history. Ask Purifoy and Dr. Del Tackett

about the importance of history in this debate, especially as it relates to the Bible and science.



Seeing his 10-year-old daughter lose certainty about the Bible’s historical reliability, filmmaker Thomas Purifoy, Jr. realized he couldn’t clearly explain his own beliefs. And from that “Ah ha” came this feature-length documentary. Ask Purifoy about the seminal conversation with his 10-year-old, and what he discovered in his search to understand how these issues relate to students.



The evidence isn’t new, but our ability to analyze and decipher it grows at the speed of technology. How do new data and new discoveries send us back for another perspective on longstanding evidence?



A lot of Christians may wonder why Genesis matters to our lives. Is it really a big deal to think the earth is old, or that humans evolved? Ask Purifoy and Dr. Del Tackett about the importance of Genesis to our lives today.


DIRECTOR       Thomas Purifoy, Jr.


HOST               Dr. Del Tackett


PRODUCER      Compass Cinema



To purchase tickets online, go to www.IsGenesisHistory.com or participating theater box offices. A complete list of theater locations is at the Fathom Events website.


About Compass Cinema

Compass Cinema is a Nashville-based film-and-video production company creating documentaries, narrative films and educational products to make learning about God’s world interesting and engaging.


About Fathom Events

Fathom Events is the leading domestic distributor of event cinema, and ranks as one of the largest overall distributors of content to movie theaters. Fathom Events’ live digital broadcast network (“DBN”) is the largest cinema broadcast network in North America, bringing live and pre-recorded events to 887 locations and 1,354 screens in 181 Designated Market Areas®, including all of the top 50. For more information, visit www.fathomevents.com.

Parent Pump Radio - “Inspirational Moms” (show 18)

February 22, 2017



Andrea Cannistraci is the President & Founder of andgreat—a marketing, branding, and events firm that specializes in helping small start-up technology companies design unique and unforgettable experiential marketing programs.  She has a 21 month old daughter, Giovanna.

- Email: andrea@andgreat.net

- Website: www.andgreat.net


Dr. Emily Letran is a dentist in Southern California, an author, the founder of the Emily Letran Foundation that is dedicated to providing basic dental care to veterans and families of disadvantaged, a Certified High Performance Coach and a mother of three. 

- Email: coachemilyletran@gmail.com


- For free download to her business strategies Ebook go to www.ExceptionalLeverage.com/ebook


Tania Dilmani helps individuals prevent dis-ease in all areas of personal or professional life and integrates wealth vibration on a wholistic body, mind and soul connection. She is a # 1 Amazon international best selling author, the CEO of Living MY Best, the founder of Wealthy & Mommy Homeopathy Academy and the Living My Best Wellness System and a mother of three.


- 30 minute session giveaway to 1st 5 listeners: Text “Parent Pump Radio” to (516) 510-8774



"Best Single Moms of LA/Southbay Tribe" on Meetup.com https://goo.gl/096Bsu


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VOICE FOR CHOICE Podcast 2 – The big win

February 15, 2017

Podcast 2 – The big win    

  • Key topics - Facts and stats, why this is a subject you need to be informed about, what you gain when you choose to live porn free.
  • Quote – “The first step towards change is awareness.”  Nathaniel Branden                                     
  • Key message – Life’s better without porn.

Parent Pump Radio - “Surprising reason why you repel wealth…and how to change it now.” (Show #17)

February 15, 2017

Our Guest is Christi Kendall.  She is a Sales Trainer, 6 Figure Breakthrough Coach, and is a multi award winning sales performer ranking in the top 1% nationwide out of over 2000 sales reps, and selling over 1.3 million in revenue per year. 

She is passionate about helping her clients turn fear, trauma, and pain into motivation and money so they can experience change and success in their family, business and life permanently

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Fifty Shades Darker and an open letter to Taylor Swift

February 15, 2017

Dear Taylor,

When I moved to the Nashville area a decade ago with my wife, you were here launching a musical career that has brought you fame and fortune throughout the world. I, like millions, admired your God-given talent and tenacity as we applauded your affectionate title as “America’s Sweetheart.”

Raising two daughters and now having two granddaughters, your wholesome public image, non-provocative swimsuits and polite manner made you a most appreciated and highly esteemed role model in a society where so few exist in the entertainment industry. Being one of the most followed personalities on social media, you acknowledged your “responsibility” to be conscious of your influence on young fans.

As we watched another Nashvillian, Miley Cyrus, depart from her Disney persona to a scandal-seeking, sex-obsessed, weed-promoting performer, you were the one we could turn to as you engaged in friendly interaction with fans, especially young girls. Your cute smile plus surprise visits to sick and disadvantaged adolescents won us over to what we hoped would make us longtime devotees.

​Parent Pump Radio – “Violence – Divorce - Rebuilding – Fortifying” (Show #16)

February 8, 2017

Our guest is Yve Alexandra Ruiz, MD, Psychiatrist, Family Practitioner, Intuitive Counselor and Healer.  She is a graduate of UCLA School of Medicine with over 25 years in the industry. Dr. Yve specializes in helping others develop healthier relationships, and in guiding them toward enhanced goal achievement.  She is taking her passion to the next level by helping divorced women reclaim their power to be and feel sexy, vibrant and empowered, and to reach goals that enhance their lives and lifestyles.

She is certified as an Akashic Record and Reiki Practitioner, Photo Psychometrist, Chakra Scanner and Balancer.

Phone: (949) 424-4494

Email: DrYve@EmpowermentFirm.com

Facebook: Eve SpiritSpeaks is transitioning over to Empowerment Firm    


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Voice For Choice Podcast 1 “The Empty Promise”

February 8, 2017

Podcast 1 – The empty promise 

  • Key topics - The pro-porn voice, the realities of the porn industry, what the porn industry doesn’t want you to know.
  • Quote – “It’s easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.”  Frederick Douglas
  • Key message – Porn is fake and you’ve been had.

Please share with those who you know need to hear about the corrupt and degrading industry and the lies and deception behind it all.

Thank You.



February 7, 2017

There is a masterpiece of a movie in theaters now. It’s nominated for multiple Oscars including “Best Picture”; has no nudity, sensuality, violence or profanity (some cussing); a PG true story; and, even features people unashamedly praying in the Name of Jesus and declaring, “Thank you Jesus!”

The entire story revolves around three women of character working silently behind the scenes against resistance and shameful opposition. Yet instead of rage-filled protests, they demonstrated grace, humility and patience to bring about change.

In this season of Trump-hating vitriol and angry marches, it’s inspiring and refreshing to be reminded that there is a God-given pathway to progress. The film, “Hidden Figures,” is a tour-de-force that deserves our support.

I wish I could reassure readers that the current swelling “resistance movement” will subside but it won’t. Nasty, vulgar women, subsidized anarchists and lawless legislators are only the beginning. The propagandist media complies as evidenced by their narrative on “airport chaos” when Chief of Staff Reince Priebus said on Sunday’s “Meet the Press” (1/29/17) that only 109 foreigners from select Muslim countries were delayed briefly for questioning out of 325,000 in one day!

Missions Radio Interview with John Finch of “The Father Effect”

February 3, 2017

 John Finch grew up the youngest of 3 boys in a suburb of Dallas where he lost his father to suicide at age 11. As a young man, John did anything he could to avoid confronting the wounds he suffered as a result of being fatherless. His craving for affirmation from a father who was not there to provide it, led him to seek that affirmation from the world in many unhealthy ways. In an attempt to find value as a man, he created a false persona that left him completely unfulfilled. His life was based on the pursuit of money in order to prove his success and he became a social alcoholic as he strived to be the life of every party and gain the attention of those around him.

     It was only when John realized and dealt with the unresolved issues of his father wound that he was able to become truly fulfilled. On April 10th, 2009, he finally came face to face with the issues that drove him to seek approval from a father who was not there to give it to him. By forgiving his father and recognizing what it truly means to be a man by God’s standard, he became a new man, husband and father.   

     John seeks to break down the barriers that prevent men and women from addressing deep rooted anger and hurt from the wounds they have suffered in this life by candidly and openly sharing his story, his failings, and his path to a new way of life. John’s mission is to educate, encourage and equip men to become the fathers they were created to be, and to help men walk in daily awareness of their significant and lifelong influence as fathers. Through The Father Effect Movie, John shares stories and messages that will move viewers to a new awareness about the everlasting impact of fathers and the importance of forgiveness and openness in the relationships of this world.  

     John has been married for 21 years and has three beautiful daughters. He is incredibly thankful for the second chance to be a father and husband who can offer himself to those he loves without the burden of the bitterness and anger that overshadowed his life for so many years.  


Contact John by email at john@TheFatherEffect.com.

Parent Pump Radio - Detoxing Your Body Using Essential Oils (Show #15)

February 1, 2017


Our Guest is Lisa Ciotto.  She is a Health & Wellness Coach, Essential Oils Educator and Founder of Straight Talk On Wellness.  She also presents corporate workshop on her Empowerment Series.


She spent over 13 years in the Occupational Therapy field.  Ran her own home daycare business for 12 years so she could be a stay at home mom and raise her children.


She is an instructor for Adult Continuing Education Courses through area high schools and community colleges on wellness topics.  As a Wellness Coach she focuses on detox and digestive health, emotional wellness and coaching on lifestyle choices.


Contact Information:

(860) 830-3327

Cleaning Recipe Link: http://media.wix.com/ugd/958bb1_60846e7684ed4570a2858b1c918ca19b.pdf








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Lunch Time Interview with MMA Pro Chase Johnson on Missions Radio

January 26, 2017

MMA Pro Chase Johnson is our special "LIVE" guest on "On The Edge" hosted by Kenneth Mitchell.

MMA Pro Chase Johnson shares his testimony, and his approach to mixed martial arts and being a Christian in a professional sports environment.